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Interoperability: Value-Based Care Requires Shared, Secure Data

November 13, 2018

You’ve likely heard of the term interoperability. It’s a current buzzword in health care, and an extremely important initiative that supports the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) initiative toward value-based care and putting...

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Get Accessible: 4 Ways Population Health Managers Can Achieve Value-Based Care

November 06, 2018

Earlier this year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed rule CMS-1694-P. According to Administrator Seema Verma, the rule is to “ensure the healthcare system puts patients first” and “rewards value over volume…where...

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Should You Include Naps in Your Employee Wellness Program?

October 18, 2018

One of the most important aspects of overall health is often overlooked, and even frowned upon in the workplace: sleep.

Sleep is a health concern for the majority of the population. There are countless studies and reports showing the detrimental...

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4 Ways Population Health Managers Can Combat the Opioid Crisis

October 04, 2018

He got the call nearly 12 hours after his daughter failed to show for work. One pill too many, the coroner said. And now this once-vibrant millennial is an opioid epidemic statistic.

Each day, at least 116 people in the United States die from an...

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6 Tips for Award-Winning Workforce Wellness

September 24, 2018


Does your company have what it takes for award winning workforce wellness? Over the past 10 years, more than 8,000 companies across the United States have applied for regional Healthiest Employers awards. And for the past four years,...

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Wellsource Earns Highest Quality With NCQA Certification for Health Risk Appraisals and Self Management Tools

September 07, 2018

Wellsource has been awarded Wellness and Health Promotion (WHP) certifications from the  National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for our Health Appraisals and Self-Management Tools. This is our sixth time consecutively meeting NCQA’s...

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Unveiling Social Determinants of Health Through HRA Data

August 31, 2018

Scroll through Facebook and there it is. An ad for the exact shoes you were looking at just hours before, from the same online retailer. Has that ever happened to you? (Affirmative head nods around the world.)

Or you get an email promotion from...

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Cultural Customization is Key for Population Health and Wellness

August 23, 2018

How well do you know your population?

Sure, you’ve got stats on age, ethnicity, and income. You know the neighborhoods in which they live. And you have access to claims data. But do you know what shapes their ideas about going to the doctor,...

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How to Choose the Right Health Risk Assessment for Your Wellness Program

August 07, 2018

Take a nap. Play ping pong. Earn cash rewards for eating healthy and getting enough exercise. Or get a discount on health insurance.

Many wellness programs use incentives like these to motivate and encourage people to make healthier lifestyle...

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Changing the Rules - New Blood Pressure Guidelines for Population Health

July 30, 2018

Sometimes the rules change. Even for something that has been around for 150 years. Just this year Major League Baseball (MLB) announced that it was creating new rules to shorten the overall length of games. And for good reason. Game times were...

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Playing the Game: 4 Lessons from Wimbledon on Corporate Wellness

July 20, 2018

How about adding a little tennis to your corporate wellness program?

This month, hundreds of the best tennis players in the world competed in the Wimbledon Championships. About 475,000 fans attended the events, and millions more watched the...

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Use HRA Data to Create Lasting Habits and Boost Employee Engagement

July 11, 2018

Changing behaviors is all about changing habits. But breaking bad habits and forming good habits is not always easy. Often times it takes several attempts to make a permanent change.

Author James Clear advises you to start small, because “lasting...

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