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3 Places to Play Music in the Office

September 18, 2014
Music affects the brain in many ways, helping employees to become more productive, less stressed, and simply happier. While it might not be the best idea to blare hard rock music in the office, well placed music throughout various areas can have its benefits.  
1)     Bathroom – Soothing music has a way of making a person feel uplifted. This is not just a notion; music that is pleasant to the ears releases dopamine in the brain, which gives you the same feelings that you might get when you eat your favorite sweet treat. When your employees are taking a quick bathroom break, give them the benefit of hearing soothing, laid-back music that will keep their mind in the present, melt their stress away, and help them feel re-energized when they go back to their desk.
2)     Cafeteria – In the cafeteria, you can be a little looser about your music selections. Because songs with words can be distracting in the workplace, there is no better place to play them than in the cafeteria or lounge. This is the place that your employees are supposed to let loose, unwind, and get refreshed in order to face the rest of the day. Pick energizing songs to lift everyone’s spirits and give them the mental energy that they need to finish out the day.
3)     Lobby – There is something unexplainably pleasant about entering a lobby that is playing soothing classical or instrumental music. This is another area of the office where no lyrics are necessary. Employees and/or customers will enjoy soothing music that naturally calms them down and puts them in a good state of mind.  
Adding music to the office is a terrific addition to any employee wellness program. Giving your employees a natural way to feel good, stay focused, and keep energy levels high is an excellent way to increase productivity and decrease sick day usage in the workplace.

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