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3 Ways to Boost Creativity in the Workplace

December 12, 2014
Creativity is a common need in companies around the world. Without proper incentive or support, however, employees could be afraid to voice their opinion or provide new suggestions. They fear rejection or do not like not being recognized for an idea that works well. In order to incorporate creativity into your employees’ days, you need to find ways to make them want to be creative by providing the outlets necessary to do so. Finding the perfect incentives for your employees could become a part of your wellness program in order to ensure a positive work environment.  
1)    Rewards – Everyone loves rewards, so what better way to entice your employees to be creative with their ideas? You can offer tangible rewards (i.e., money) or intangible rewards, such as awards, naming the new idea after the employee or with a simple recognition at a company meeting. Being called out and recognized is often enough of a reward for employees.
2)    Teamwork – If you have employees that work together, why not put them in teams to help spark new ideas. Brainstorming is often easier with a group of people rather than one person. When an idea comes up, the group can shout out their own ideas to help build on the concept until it is an idea that can be made into reality.
3)    Open Environment – No employee is going to feel comfortable sharing ideas if they are not supported. If you have an open door policy, employees will be more likely to come to you and express their new ideas. They will also be willing to take rejection or criticism without feeling as if their job is in jeopardy. When you have an open door policy with your employees, they will feel more comfortable with you, in general, allowing them to feel the freedom to be creative whenever the mood strikes.

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