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Bravo Wellness Lands Major Health Plan with WellSuite IV HRA

By Wellsource, Inc.

Andy Carr, Bravo Wellness Product Manager

Many health plans on the market want to take proactive measures to keep their populations healthy. One 400,000-member health plan in particular was looking for a wellness provider that could offer them a scalable and certified solution to help them meet their wellness goals.

That’s where Bravo Wellness came in.

Bravo Wellness is a full-service wellness program provider based in Cleveland, Ohio that delivers results-driven wellness programs to companies such as Tyson Foods, Graco, and Ardent Health Services. And this large regional health plan liked what they have to offer.

When Product Manager Andy Carr got news that the company had just landed this health plan (their biggest account to date), it was time to start gathering requirements. Not only did Carr need a customized program that he could scale for the company, but he also needed to meet several requirements such as:

This among many other must-haves, along with a go-live date right around the corner, led Carr to Wellsource.

Want to know what it’s like to launch your HRA with Wellsource?

In this case study, you’ll get an inside look at:

  • Why Bravo Wellness chose to partner with Wellsource
  • How the Wellsource HRA integration process works
  • Problem solving strategies and solutions between two teams of developers to help launch the WellSuite ® IV HRA by Wellsource, and
  • What happened when Bravo Wellness invited 400,000 participants to complete the HRA

Bravo chose to partner with the company that pioneered computer-based health risk assessments which support your company and your population health goals. Curious to learn more?

Download our Bravo Wellness case study today.

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