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From Population Health to Patient Acquisition: Expanding The Use of Health Risk Assessments to Serve The Greater Care Continuum

By Chris McReynolds, CEO of Wellsource


Here at Wellsource, we pride ourselves on building products that help people lead healthier lives. Our goal is (and will always be) motivating sustained behavior change that leads to positive lifestyle choices and good health. And for over four decades, Wellsource has been the leader in building health risk assessments that population health and wellness professionals use to understand a population’s risks of developing chronic conditions.  

AIdea: Health Risk Assessments to Target Barriers to Well-Being 

As we developed these encompassing health and lifestyle assessments to understand health risks at a population level, we began exploring what assessments might be helpful at a more individual level.  

We realized that the journey to well-being is, for many people, riddled with hurdles. There are many external factors that can derail healthy lifestyle habits and keep people from pursuing good health. If you have chronic knee pain, for instance, you aren’t likely to see exercise as an option for you.  

There are a range of problems that can prevent you from pursuing total, whole-person well-being. We started to wonder how we might use our HRA technology to help individuals identify these specific conditionsWhat if we could help collect the data healthcare marketers and physician coordinators need to guide patients to the right type of care to address their specific health concerns —and ultimately help them advance in their journey to wellness?  


Every health journey is different. Wellsource developed condition-specific assessments to remove the major hurdles to pursuing health, as well as the health and lifestyle assessments that help motivate people toward total mental, physical, and emotional well-being.  

From Patient Acquisition to Population Health: Introducing Wellactivate Health Assessments 

There is a hierarchy of needs that allows a person to pursue optimal health. Undiagnosed, major health hurdles – such as joint pain, cancer, obesity, etc. — make it more difficult to pursue total, whole-person well-being.  

Wellactivate assessments were born of this desire to engage and motivate people to take action and address very specific health concerns. We took the lessons we’ve learned leading the HRA industry for the last 40 years and applied them to patient engagement and acquisition. Hallmark traits of our existing Wellsource products helped us develop these new assessments, including 

  • Careful adherence to quality standards, honed over years of development best practices from a stellar team.  
  • Strict rigor when it comes to scientific research and developing evidence-based algorithms to assess the many facets of a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  
  • A true sense of partnership with our clients—actively seeking feedback and developing product features in response 

Launched last year, Wellactivate assessments help patients self-identify their health concerns, and give health care teams the information they need to identify and connect with patients for appropriate care and follow-up. Learn more about Wellactivate for patient engagement and acquisition, as well as our currently available assessments, here. 

New Name, Same Great Product: WellSuite® IV is Now Wellcomplete™ 

With the launch of our Wellactivate products, we realized it was an opportune time to look at how we represent WellSuite IV — and the promise we make with this product to our clients. We realized the name “WellSuite IV” no longer encompassed everything this product accomplishes, and the many ways our clients use the data they collect to build health and wellness initiatives 

We are excited to announce that moving forward, WellSuite IV will be known as Wellcomplete 


With this new name, we hope to better reflect the core purpose of this product: to provide a complete health and wellness profile of your population’s risk of developing chronic conditions. And of course, to help individuals develop the health and lifestyle habits they need to complete their journey toward optimal health  

We’re excited about the future of this product and the work that remains to be done serving our clients and partners in population health and wellness. And while the name will be different, the product, the leadership, and the team behind the scenes remain unchanged.  

We will continue, as always, to improve and innovate on behalf of our clients and in service of our mission to improve health outcomes and promote healthier, longer lives.  


"Here at Wellsource, we pride ourselves on building products that help people lead healthier lives. Our goal is (and will always be) motivating sustained behavior change that leads to positive lifestyle choices and good health."

Chris McReynolds, CEO Wellsource

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