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Population Health and Wellness Planning for 2021 and Beyond: Survey Results

By George E. Bumpus III, Director of Sales

We were curious – how are population health professionals changing their approaches in this changing landscape? What are the ways your programs have had to respond to COVID-19? What are you looking at for 2021 success?  

So we asked you.  

In the final months of 2020, the Wellsource team surveyed population health and wellness professionals to produce a reportHere’s what your peers in the industry are saying about upcoming initiatives, budgets, and goals for 2021 planning and beyond. 

How have your budgets changed since COVID-19?  

What we learned: You Need to do More with Less.  

Compared to last year, 2021 budgets are expected to remain the same or reduced. But that doesn’t mean you’re planning on doing less. It means every dollar you spend needs to do more for your programs—and your populations.   


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Which programs are you planning for your 2021 population health initiatives 

What we learned: You’re Looking to Make Data-Driven Decisions When it Comes to Your Program Initiatives 

82% of respondents said they are planning on deploying a health risk assessment (HRA) in 2021—and strong analytics and reporting was the second most important consideration in choosing an HRA partner. This indicates population health professionals are looking to data to help inform their programs and ensure their team is working smarter, not harder. 


What are your top three considerations when evaluating a vendor?  

What we learned: You Want Technology Partners that Make Your Job Easier  

Ease of use and ability to analyze, report on, and prove ROI of your programs are among your top considerations when purchasing a technology solution.  


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Interested in sharing these findings? Download the PDF to send to your colleagues in population health and wellness.  

2021 State of the Population Health and Wellness Industry

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