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Three Ways to Help Your Employees Beat the Monday Blues

May 15, 2014

Ah, the Monday blues. Many of us are familiar with the feelings of stress and anxiety that stem from anticipating the multitude of tasks waiting for us at work on Monday morning. Others may feel apathetic or indifferent about starting the week. The transition between the weekend and the start of the new workweek is difficult for many people—just when you’ve relaxed and settled into the weekend, Monday seems to arrive

What can employers do to make Mondays less painful for employees? First, they can look at why some employees may find work painful at all. It’s important for employers to evaluate the underlying causes of the Monday blahs, especially if it is a common phenomenon within the organization.
Employees who feel valued, appreciated, and satisfied with their jobs are more likely to look at the start of the new workweek as an opportunity to do what they love. And, since attitudes tend to be contagious, it’s important for employers to identify and address problem areas.  Even a single unhappy employee can negatively affect the moods of those around them. Here are some ways to help your employees fight the Monday blues:
·         Encourage employees to prepare for Monday morning on Sunday night - - Taking a few minutes on Sunday night to physically and mentally prepare for Monday can help reduce stress. Simple things like preparing lunch or choosing an outfit for work the night before will reduce the chances of feeling rushed in the morning. Mentally outlining tasks for Monday often helps people feel more prepared and in control.
·         Sit down with employees to identify problems - - Employees who feel anxious or stressed in anticipation of the new workweek may have too much on their plates. Those who feel indifferent about coming to work may not feel challenged or valued. Sit down with each employee and ask about their needs and areas they’d like to see improved. Employees who are satisfied with their jobs and have a manageable workload are more productive and satisfied. Sitting down with employees to identify problems is often part of a more comprehensive employee wellness program.
·         Make a list of things to look forward to -- Encourage your employees to make a list of things they’re looking forward to or are excited about in the coming week, whether it is meeting with a new client or celebrating the completion of a big project. Focusing on upcoming events and accomplishments often brings meaning and purpose to work.
There are many ways to help your employees beat the Monday blues that can be incorporated into a comprehensive employee wellness program. While we are all individually responsible for how we respond to the stresses of daily life, widespread anxiety, dissatisfaction, and stress among employees can serve as a red flag that organizational changes may be in order.  Wise employers know to engage with their employees and actively seek to improve the organization at every level. 

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