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Tips for Proving Your Program's Value

By Wellsource, Inc.

Not having a health risk assessment could be putting your wellness program at risk of getting cut. In the current economic climate, companies are doing everything they can to cut costs. Can you prove that your program has been successful? Do you have the facts and numbers to convince your Chief Financial Officer that your wellness program is essential for a healthy bottom line? Can you show progress from year to year?

Health risk assessments identify health risks and target areas for behavior change. They are also very important for reporting and tracking compliance with those recommendations. A quality assessment provides a baseline to track health improvements and also helps you demonstrate cost savings.

You need a health risk assessment that thoroughly assesses your population, provides comprehensive reporting, and gives you ownerships rights to the data. The Wellsource® Personal Wellness Profile™ (PWP) – Advantage Edition gives you the data you need to make the case for wellness (and potentially your job)!

PWP Advantage gives you the power to create a number of reports for both groups and individual participants.

Learn about PWP Advantage at: http://www.wellsource.com/health-risk-assessments.html

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"Good health is your greatest asset. You will never regret a decision to take better care of your health."

Don Hall, DrPH, CHES, Founder Wellsource