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Upcoming Webinar: High Quality Population Health Programs Require High Quality HRA Data

By Wellsource, Inc.

One of the best ways to ensure the success of your population health programs is to create targeted initiatives and interventions. Ignoring the unique and specific needs of your population will likely lead to low engagement, participation, and success rates.

Fueling more targeted health and wellness programs requires deep knowledge of your population’s health, and that requires having quality, reliable data at your fingertips.

Learn more about collecting quality health data in the upcoming Population Health Alliance Webinar, Quality Population Health Programs Require Quality HRA for Data Collection.

Upcoming PHA Webinar

During the webinar, you’ll hear from the Wellsource team as well as other industry professionals as they discuss the importance of gathering high quality data via health risk assessments—and what to do with the data once you’ve got it in hand.

Chris McReynolds, CEO of Wellsource, will be joined by Natalie Mueller, Senior Product Development Manager at NCQA, and Sarah Emanuel, Manager, Wellness Services at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska for a discussion of topics including the importance of standardizing what makes for quality data, how to ensure quality in the data analysis processes, and the role of trust in gathering self-reported health and lifestyle data.

From there, Chris will open the floor to audience questions to help you gain a better understanding of how quality data can help improve your wellness initiatives.

  • Gather tips to ensure you are collecting and using quality self-reported health and lifestyle data
  • Learn about standardization efforts and how they promote a comprehensive, effective population health strategy
  • Hear firsthand accounts of quality improvement strategies, and how your technology vendors can be your best partners when it comes to creating quality programs

In addition to the expert discussion and audience Q&A, registrants will receive follow-up materials to help in population health initiative evaluation and planning.


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