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Wellsource Designs Medicaid Health Assessment

Written by Wellsource, Inc.

January 21, 2015

Wellsource, Inc. has developed a new health assessment, personal report, and HRA-Mcaid-prod-sheetself-management resources tailored to the needs of Medicaid participants. Offered on the WellSuite® IV platform, these tools are certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

WellSuite® IV Platform

Using its newest platform technology, Wellsource has streamlined the assessment process, allowing for a simple, yet comprehensive health survey. The highly interactive design of the WellSuite® IV platform improves the assessment process so significantly that health information is communicated to end users up to 50% more efficiently and personally than previous versions.

The evidence-based question set can be completed in less than 20 minutes and produces substantive information for both the user and provider. The WellSuite® platform, with its engaging visual design and database-driven content, is the latest culmination of Wellsource's 35 years of experience developing health risk assessments.

"The Medicaid program provides health insurance for an estimated 68 million lowincome Americans," says COO Chris McReynolds. "Research shows that health education and preventive care for this population can help keep medical costs down. We designed the Medicaid HRA to be easy to use, provide valuable health information, and meet state and federal requirements. There are very few HRA providers in the wellness industry that currently offer an HRA for the Medicaid population."


MEM 1 – Health Appraisal

In creating its Medicaid HRA question set, Wellsource focused on NCQA standards, CMS regulations, CDC guidance, and federal and state requirements. The assessment is specifically designed at a 4th grade reading level, which ensures readability and accuracy for all segments of the population. It can be completed online, telephonically, or in a pencil/paper format. It is the only known commercially available HRA written at a 4th grade reading level that identifies risks unique to the U.S. Medicaid population.

Upon completion of the health assessment, a personal report is generated that provides a detailed health summary for the participant and a physician summary report for medical follow-up. Research shows that an effective follow-up plan based on HRA results can lead to substantial cost savings and improved health. The Medicaid HRA satisfies the MEM 1: Health Appraisal requirement for health plans seeking NCQA certification.

MEM 2 – Self-Management Tools

Wellsource has also launched Health Shelf™, a collection of health improvement resources for Medicaid participants. These self-management tools meet the MEM 2 NCQA certification requirements for health plans. Participants can access health quizzes, wellness calculators, mini-assessments, and easy-to-read information on healthy weight (BMI) maintenance, smoking cessation, physical activity, healthy eating, managing stress, avoiding risky drinking, identifying depressive symptoms, and other topics. A personalized landing page directs participants to content the HRA has identified as relevant to them, and a sophisticated search feature helps participants easily find content of interest. All Health Shelf™ content is written at a 4th grade reading level and takes into account the health literacy needs of the Medicaid population. MEM 8 – Encouraging Wellness and Prevention The integration capabilities of the WellSuite® IV Platform make it easy for an organization to meet this NCQA standard. Wellsource's client system notification tools and web service APIs assist health plans in member identification for wellness program eligibility, notification and announcement, and incentive program purposes. The Wellsource® Medicaid Health Assessment and complementary Health Shelf™ resources can be seamlessly integrated into any health plan's existing portal, or deployed as a stand-alone solution.

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Don Hall, DrPH, CHES, Founder Wellsource