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Wellsource Proves Commitment to Quality, Excellence by Achieving NCQA Certification for the 12th Consecutive Year

By Wellsource, Inc.

Wellsource, Inc. is proud to announce that we have received certification for our health risk assessment (HRA) solutions from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for 12 years running. This achievement highlights our commitment to developing quality products that help organizations improve health outcomes.

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NCQA certification is a voluntary process during which NCQA reviews a product or service against rigorous standards for health appraisal and self-management tools. In achieving certification, Wellsource has demonstrated our products are quality solutions that:

  • Educate individuals about a wide range of health risks and behaviors as a means of measuring and improving health.
  • Offer evidence-based self-management tools to help individuals manage their health.
  • Evaluate program effectiveness.
  • Regularly engage in product improvement activities.

NCQA standards are purposely set high to encourage wellness and health promotion organizations to achieve the highest level of performance possible, increase healthy behavior change in eligible individuals, and create an environment of continuous improvement.

“When we first heard about NCQA’s Certification for wellness products we knew it was something we wanted to pursue,” says Wellsource CEO Chris McReynolds. “We have a long-standing commitment to excellence—in our people, our product, and the level of service we provide our clients. For us, seeking NCQA certification is a natural fit.”

Wellsource achieved Certification in 2008—the first year NCQA released its guidelines for health assessments—and has maintained certification continuously. This external validation assures Wellsource customers that our products are scientific, evidence-based, and of the highest quality. Using a Wellsource HRA helps organizations them achieve their own NCQA Accreditation.

Using an NCQA-certified Health Risk Assessment helps managed care plans, managed behavioral healthcare organizations, preferred provider organizations, new health plans, physician organizations, credentials verification organizations, disease management programs, and other health-related programs with their own NCQA or URAC accreditation:

  • URAC—P-MR 9 (Health Risk Assessment Tool)
  • NCQA—PHM 4 Element A (Health Appraisal)
  • NCQA—PHM 4 Element B (Self-management Tool)
  • NCQA—PHM 2 Element A Factor 4 (Data Integration; Health Appraisal Results)
  • NCQA—PHM 2 Element D (Segmentation)
  • NCQA—CM 2 Element B Factors 5 and 8 (Health appraisals or risk appraisals/scoring tool; Data supplied by the patient or caregiver)

NCQA exists to improve the quality of health care, with standards that promote better care, better choices, and better health. If those qualities sound like a good fit for your health and wellness efforts, we’d like to connect with you.

Seeking health plan accreditation? Learn how Wellsource HRAs help organizations seeking NCQA or URAC accreditation.


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Don Hall, DrPH, CHES, Founder Wellsource