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Work Safety Tips for Summer

By Wellsource

Summer Health TipsSummer is in full swing, and that means it’s time for summer health tips for the workplace! As part of your corporate wellness program, integrate these great summer health tips into your company’s daily work routine:

  • Make sure everyone drinks plenty of fluids – Think that people won’t get dehydrated sitting at a desk all day? Think again. Many people don’t drink the recommended 8 cups of water per day to begin with. Combine that with the summer heat, and you have a situation where people can easily become dehydrated, even indoors. Employees should have easy access to water and other fluids to keep themselves hydrated and healthy for work.
  • Avoid caffeine and sugar – As a supplementary note to making sure employees are drinking enough fluids, it should also be remembered that caffeine and sugary drinks should be avoided or kept to a minimum. Sugar and caffeine make people moredehydrated. Encourage people to stick to water or juice instead.
  • Check the ventilation – A proper workplace should have plenty of ventilation to allow air to circulate. Good air circulation keeps the temperature down, even if the building doesn’t have an air conditioner unit. If the building needs better circulation, open the windows and use fans to keep the air moving as much as possible (as long as it doesn’t distract people from their work).
  • Remember the sunscreen – Depending on where you live, even a little bit of exposure to the summer sun can result in sunburn and other negative health effects. Encourage employees to wear sunscreen before they leave for work and before they go home.

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