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3 Ways To Exercise While Working At Your Desk

By Wellsource

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An easy way to improve workplace wellness at your workplace is to encourage employees to perform small, low-effort exercises at their desks. Sitting for long periods of time can have a lot of negative health effects on the body, which stretches and exercises like the following can help mitigate:

  1. Do some leg lifts while sitting – If you spend a lot time sitting in one place at your desk, taking the opportunity to stretch your legs is very important. To give your legs a minor workout while on the clock, lift one of your legs up so that it is extended straight, and hold it in that position for two to three seconds; then lower your leg back down so that your foot hovers just above the floor, and hold that position for the same length of time. Do this 15 times per leg.
  2. Perform some desk squats – Waiting for a particularly slow web page to load? Standing around waiting for paperwork to print? Little moments of downtime like these are the perfect time to get in some one-legged desk squats. Holding on to your desk for support, lift one leg off the ground while slowly lowering your body up and down with the other. Once you've worked out the first leg thoroughly, switch to the other and repeat.
  3. Exercise your core while seated at your desk – The legs aren't the only muscles that need some extra exercise during a long day seated at the desk. To work out your arms and your core, grip the arm rests of your chair firmly and lift your body out of the seat, holding the position for a few seconds, then lower yourself back down, stopping just short of putting your rear back in the seat. Hold that position for a few seconds as well, then repeat.

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"Good health is your greatest asset. You will never regret a decision to take better care of your health."

Don Hall, DrPH, CHES, Founder Wellsource