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Improving Outcomes with Health Risk Assessment Data

October 23, 2019

Wellsource joined industry leaders in the health and wellness space at the National Wellness Conference (NWC), hosted by the National Wellness Institute (NWI), in Kissimmee, FL from October 1-3. It was an incredible opportunity for us to further...

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5 Tips to Keep Your Population Healthy from one of Oregon’s Healthiest Employers

September 18, 2019

Offering fair compensation to employees is vital for their overall workplace satisfaction. However, many organizations fail to take mental and physical health into account. If your workforce clients are ready to take their organization from good...

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Why Health Competitions Backfire

August 20, 2019

Helping your population become as healthy as possible is a noble mission to undertake, but - as with most things in life - there are “right” and “wrong” ways to go about it. In many groups, it’s not uncommon to see health competitions set up that...

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The Importance of Self-Reported Data In Crafting Wellness Programs

August 01, 2019

This blog post was written by Brittany U. Carter, DHSc, MPH, Director of Health and Research at Wellsource

Workplace wellness programs are on the rise, with almost half of all employers offering some type of health promotion or wellness program...

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3 Ways Investing in a Wellness Program Can Save You Money

December 14, 2018

When it comes to choosing the right wellness program, there is one word you must pay special attention to: prevention.

A wellness program that focuses on prevention is a lot like having a crystal ball. It helps you look into the future...

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How to Choose the Right Health Risk Assessment for Your Wellness Program

August 07, 2018

Take a nap. Play ping pong. Earn cash rewards for eating healthy and getting enough exercise. Or get a discount on health insurance.

Many wellness programs use incentives like these to motivate and encourage people to make healthier lifestyle...

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How Snacking at Work Really Affects Employee Health

September 21, 2015

Everyone has eaten a midday snack at their work desk before, and most of us think little about how that extra food is impacting our health. It turns out it’s probably doing more damage to our bodies than we think. According to the USDA, most...

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Workplace Wellness Programs Pay Off

August 07, 2015


Businesses often struggle to balance the needs of their employees with keeping costs low enough to maintain profitability. As such, some organizations forgo implementing workplace wellness programs out of fear that the cost will outweigh the...

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Workplace Wellness Prevents Chronic Diseases

July 28, 2015


The cost of healthcare is rising every year, for both employers and individuals. There are a lot of factors that lead to this situation, not all of which are within the control of employers or their workers. But there are still some ways that...

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Prevent Tension Neck Syndrome

July 14, 2015


For many people, doing their job requires sitting at a desk for several hours straight every day, something that the human body was not meant to do. When it is stuck in a relatively fixed position for long periods of time, the body can develop...

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Health Tips For Employees Who Spend Their Day At A Desk

July 13, 2015


Do you spend all day sitting at a desk? If you do, your posture and sitting habits may be having a negative impact on your health. Next time you're at your desk, try these worksite wellness habits to make sure you're not causing your body harm...

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Building Relationships Enhances Culture of Wellness

June 25, 2015

Good relationships do matter and are core to our well-being. Research shows that individuals who have positive, meaningful relationships with others are happier than those who do not.

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