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How Snacking at Work Really Affects Employee Health

By Wellsource

snacking at workEveryone has eaten a midday snack at their work desk before, and most of us think little about how that extra food is impacting our health. It turns out it’s probably doing more damage to our bodies than we think. According to the USDA, most Americans are adding 400 calories to their daily intake just with the snacks they eat between meals. That might not seem like much on its own, but when all those extra calories are added up over a week, a month, or a year, it starts to look like a more serious problem.

So what can be done, aside from removing snack time from our daily schedules? Here are a few suggestions for how to snack a little smarter:

  • Stay hydrated – There are lots of good reasons to drink the recommended 8 cups of water a day, and one of them is that drinking water makes us feel full. If you find yourself feeling hungry between meals or eating more than one snack during the day, try drinking more water.
  • Less chips, more fruit – Many people look at their daily snack as a time to indulge in a bit of junk food like chips or candy bars. Instead of choosing something full of sugar, fat, or salt, use snack time to make sure that you’re eating your recommended daily helping of fruit and vegetables. Apples and grapes, in particular, are healthy options that are easy to eat at your desk.
  • Stay off of social media – If you’re like most Americans, you have at least one friend who loves to fill their Facebook and Twitter feeds with all the delicious recipes they want to try. If you’re finding yourself hungry between meals, it might be because your social media feed is tempting you.

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Don Hall, DrPH, CHES, Founder Wellsource