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Wellsource, Inc. Awarded NCQA Certification for Quality Healthcare Products

Written by Wellsource, Inc.

December 02, 2008

Portland, OR – December 2, 2008 – Wellsource, Inc. of Portland, Oregon, today announced that two of its flagship products, the Wellsource® Personal Wellness Profile™ (PWP) and the Online Wellness Center™, have been awarded the Health Information Products (HIP) certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

NCQA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare quality. The HIP certification lets Wellsource clients know that the information and tools they are using have passed thorough inspections for quality, usability, and accuracy.
"This certification means that we've put our products through the most arduous certification process possible," says Reuben Polk, Vice President of Business Development for Wellsource. "As a result, our clients can be assured that they're truly receiving the highest quality products available."

The Wellsource PWP, which falls under NCQA's Health Risk Appraisal (HIP 1) category, is the backbone of any successful wellness program. An award-winning health risk assessment software application, PWP evaluates employee health risks, allows employers to assess important health data in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), and motivates participants to make improvements in their health and lifestyle to reduce healthcare costs to the individuals and the organization.

"Earning NCQA's HIP Certification demonstrates that an organization has expertise in gathering and disseminating healthcare information for health plan members," said Kathleen C. Mudd, Vice President, Product Delivery. "Wellsource is to be commended for being one of the first organizations in the nation to be reviewed for these services."

The Wellsource Online Wellness Center, which falls under NCQA's Interactive Consumer Health Tools (HIP 2) category, teaches individuals how simple life choices can make a tremendous and positive impact on their health and well being. More than simply relaying information, the OnlineWellnessCenter engages people with tools and resources to stay well – before expensive health problems occur.

"Our company has a long and proud tradition of providing the highest quality resources to our members and customers," says Chris Ceniti, Director of Health and Wellness, Dean Health Plan. "Using products that meet not only our standards, but also industry standards, is rewarding for all of us."

About Wellsource, Inc.
Wellsource, Inc., based in Portland, Oregon, is a pioneer in the development of scientifically based health risk assessments, online wellness centers, health tracking tools, health improvement guides, lifestyle change classroom-style programs, wellness seminars, newsletters, and other health promotion and disease management tools. Wellsource® products are turnkey, multi-lingual, and adaptable to virtually any organizational type, anywhere and any size. For 30 years, Wellsource has helped organizations lower health claims, improve productivity, and reduce absenteeism and on-the-job injuries.

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