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3 Simple Tricks to Keep Employees Motivated

July 04, 2014

Today it is more common than not for employees to show up to work but their mind seems absent. These employees are emotionally absent from their job and strictly show up to collect a paycheck. How do you get these employees back in the game? The answer lies in your hands. By providing a quality company wellness program that incorporates overall health along with an exciting environment for your employees, you can make your employees happy to come to work once again. 

1)      Make employees feel worthwhile – Everyone loves to hear that they are doing a good job or that their opinion matters, especially employees. Allowing your employees to have an opinion regarding decisions in the company will make them feel like a part of the organization, not just another number.   


2)      Stay in contact – Only recognizing your employees when something is wrong gives them unnecessary negative attention. Instead, create regular team meetings that allow you to focus on the good things that happened during the last week or so and to talk about your immediate goals. This gives your employees concrete evidence that what they are doing is working and gives them motivation to stay on task.  


3)      Keep up the enthusiasm – All too often, when major changes are made in a company, the higher level executives are present for the changes. They might remain around for a few weeks, but, once the initial period is over, they often disappear and the excitement that was in the air goes with them. Instead, keep a certain level of enthusiasm going throughout the company all of the time by incorporating high level executives and managers more often, letting everyone know how well they are doing, how close they are to meeting their goals, and how the company as a whole is doing as a result.  


Constantly reinforcing positive behavior in your employees is a great way to keep the motivation going. Try to avoid the daily hum-drum that many people experience with their jobs, letting the excitement fade from their demeanor and forcing their job to become just another chore in their life.
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