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How Concentration Fluctuates throughout Your Work Week

By Wellsource

The Monday blues and Friday fever are no joke – every employee’s concentration fluctuates as the days change. As an employer, you can ensure staff wellness and use these days to your advantage by scheduling the most important work on the days that your employees are most likely to produce their best work.    

Most Productive Days of the Week  


Monday is typically reserved for catching up on things that were not completed the week before, as well as returning phone calls and dealing with last minute items that popped up over the weekend. Tuesday, on the other hand, is the day that the most work is typically done. Employees are feeling good about the week, putting Monday behind them, and are ready to accomplish the task at hand. Wednesday is often considered a productive day as well, but as it’s  a little closer to the weekend, concentration begins to diminish.   


The Best Hours of the Day  


In general, the largest quantity of work gets completed early in the workday, typically between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. After that time, employees are thinking about lunch and their productivity begins to wane. Immediately following lunch, the brain is fired up from the energy it received from lunch, so productivity levels jump back up for a few hours. Then as it gets closer to quitting time, energy levels -- as well as concentration levels -- begin to dwindle away.

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