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How Planning Your Day Reduces Stress

By Wellsource

Too much stress can make your employees less efficient and put them at risk for burnout. As a part of your company’s health wellness program , encourage your employees to plan their day in order to reduce stress. Even a simple, mandatory ten-minute planning period each morning can help to get every employee’s day off on the right foot.

How Planning Works
·        Know the day’s schedule – Set a time each day for your employees to go over their calendar and memos to ensure that they know what is in store for them each day.


·        Prioritize tasks – Some tasks are more important than others. Scheduling time should also mean prioritizing. As items are completed, they can be crossed off the list to highlight what remains to be done.


·        Make time for breaks – Setting a schedule also means scheduling breaks. Even five or ten minutes spent walking or eating a healthy snack in the break room can help to re-energize your employees.  


Planning can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes out of your day, but can make the entire day much less stressful and more productive. If your employees jump from task to task with no definite plan or goal in mind, they can quickly get overburdened and overly stressed. This can result in lower efficiency and productivity companywide. Make today the day that you implement planning as a part of your company’s wellness program.
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