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Recognizing the Signs of Job Stress

July 18, 2014
Job Stress

Sometimes the daily grind at work can make employees overlook the fact that they are suffering from job stress. Employees that do not get the appropriate help to reduce their stress can begin to become less productive at their job and make more mistakes. Eventually confidence starts to diminish and stressed employees become very difficult to work with on a daily basis. Before your workforce begins to experience the effects of job stress, it is important to help them understand the general signs, including: 

·         Difficulty sleeping due to constant worry about their job


·         Major mood swings including depression and anxiety


·         Chronic headaches


·         Difficulty concentrating


·         Loss of desire to come to work


·         The use of drugs or alcohol in order to cope with stress  


As a part of your health wellness program, you can implement several tactics that will help your employees feel supported and, as a result, suffer less from stress. A few things that you can do include:  


·        Have an open door policy allowing employees to come to you with any questions or concerns without feeling pressured or afraid to talk to you about something


·        Frequently re-evaluate the workload of each employee to ensure that no one is being overworked and feeling the stress as a result


·        Offer consistent rewards for a job well done


·        Be a role model for your employees, by remaining calm yourself and always talking through stressful situations when they arise, to assure everyone that it is okay to talk about whatever is stressing them out


The less stressful you make your work environment, the more comfortable and productive your employees will be. As a manager, there is a lot you can do  to decrease the stress in your work environment, helping your employees to stay happy and healthy overall.

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Don Hall, DrPH, CHES, Founder Wellsource