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The Power of a Real Lunch Break

July 08, 2014

Today, it seems many employees try to cram so much into their days that they have resorted to eating their lunches at their desks. What used to be considered a “lunch break” is now just a few quick minutes of eating lunch as fast as possible, in order to get back to work. What employees are missing is the breakpart of their lunch break, which means that their brain is not given the chance to recuperate from a hard morning’s work. 

A Brain Break Is Necessary  


Your employees’ brains need a break, too. Even if they are eating healthy food that provides energy and good health, not giving the mind a rest can have a negative impact on the rest of their day. As the day wanes on and your employees continue to drain their psychological resources, they continually become less creative and less able to remain focused. As a part of your employee wellness program, rather than eating at their desks, encourage your employees to walk away from their desks and eat only at the designated area in the break room or cafeteria. During this time, encourage them to put away all electronics, and simply focus on the task of eating and/or socializing. This will give their brains time to recuperate, to be ready for an energy-filled afternoon that allows them to be productive and creative without feeling stressed or strained as the day continues.  


If your employees cannot fathom taking 30 minutes away from their desks throughout the day, at the very least encourage small 10-minute breaks at least 3 times a day. Even if during this 10 minutes they only walk around the office or step outside, the break away from the tasks that they were focusing on all morning long will allow their brains to rejuvenate and be ready for more.

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