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Tips for Decreasing Employee Burnout

By Wellsource

Burnout is a common issue in many workplaces. Whether it is the employee that feels overburdened and overwhelmed, or the boss who is feeling so much pressure that he looks like he is going to explode, burnout is everywhere. Before your employees and/or managers start feeling the effects of being overwhelmed and overworked, help them to promote staff wellness with these simple tips:  


·        Encourage breaks, and not just a lunch break. Let your employees have a few minutes throughout the day to stretch their legs, grab a healthy snack, or have a quick non-work related conversation with a co-worker.


·        Allow flexible schedules for employees who need it. Every employee has a life outside of work. A flexible schedule allows them to care for that life, whether it is taking care of sick kids or an elderly parent, or just having a day off to let go and have fun once in a while. All employees need the knowledge that they have flexibility to avoid feeling burned out.


·        Provide support to let your employees know that you care. Delegating work and demanding that timelines are met are one aspect of being a boss, but another is being there for your employees. Have an open door policy that allows them to come talk to you about anything, including feeling overwhelmed. Employees that feel like they have support will be more likely to ask for help when it is needed, rather than overworking themselves.  


Burnout not only affects staff wellness, but also your bottom line. Overworked and overwhelmed employees do not produce as efficiently as ones who feel good about themselves. In the end, your entire staff can feel overburdened by one person burning out. Try to prevent burnout from occurring in the first place, to ensure a successful, happy staff.

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