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Why Employers Should Sponsor Flu Shots in the Workplace

By Wellsource

Every year, the flu season differs. It typically runs between October and May, and it has many different strains. Thousands of people contract the flu every year--some get severely ill, and thousands die from it. These illnesses, while detrimental to the people suffering from them, are also harmful to businesses, causing them to lose billions of dollars in lost work time and productivity. One way to combat this is to offer a flu vaccine as a part of your health wellness program . The benefits of offering a flu clinic right at your workplace are numerous:  


·       Lowers the number of sick days needed by your employees.


·       Makes it convenient for your employees to get the vaccination. Many employees that would otherwise forgo the shot simply due to inconvenience will be more likely to get one.


·       Shows your employees that you care about their health by providing access to flu vaccinations.


·       Increases productivity in the office by enhancing everyone’s health. If even only a few people take advantage of the vaccine, those people are less likely to come down with the flu, bringing fewer germs into the work environment.


·       Decreases the burden on your employees that is often felt during this time of year. When one or more employees are out sick, the other employees must work harder to ensure that the work is completed on time. This can cause employee stress and burnout, resulting in more sick days and less productivity in the office.  


Bringing a flu clinic into your workplace is a great way to enhance your health wellness program. Most employees will be grateful for the convenience of getting their flu shot at the office, and everyone will benefit by hopefully being healthier and happier throughout the cold, winter months that are known for flu epidemics.

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"Good health is your greatest asset. You will never regret a decision to take better care of your health."

Don Hall, DrPH, CHES, Founder Wellsource