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Why Social Interaction Is Important at Work

July 22, 2014
At the office, you want your employees to get their work done, but there is a certain level of importance to social interaction at work as well. As a part of your employee wellness program, you can encourage social interaction, which in turn can help your employees become healthier overall. Just how does social interaction relate to health and wellness? Here are a few simple ways:
      ·        Encourages group exercise. This is a great way to motivate more than one employee to get up and exercise, which can eliminate a potential health risk, increase imagination, and increase energy.
      ·        Gives the opportunity for a brain break at lunch. By providing a central area for your employees to gather and eat, your employees can give their minds a rest, even if it is only for 30 minutes. After that time, they will feel rejuvenated and possibly more productive.
·        Works on weight loss together. No one wants to work on losing weight alone, especially if they have a large amount of weight to lose. By starting weight-loss groups or offering health passes to the local gym, co-workers can unite and work on their weight-loss goals together.  
The office is a place to get work done, but it is also a place to create relationships. For many people, the office is where they spend a majority of their time, which is why it should be a place that they are comfortable, happy, and healthy. Encourage your employees to have healthy social interactions at work, and watch the productivity soar through the roof.
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