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Health Risk Assessment: A Key Part of a Successful Wellness Program

May 13, 2014

You’ve decided to incorporate an employee wellness program into your business, but you’re not sure where to begin. A health risk assessment (HRA) is a good place to start. An HRA is an effective tool for understanding the health status and health...

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Why Office Stretch Time Is an Important Part of a Healthy Workplace

May 08, 2014
There are plenty of reasons to institute a workplace stretch program, not the least of which is employee safety. Whether a small business office environment, a manufacturing facility, or a construction site, workplace stretching can help prevent...
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Wellsource Team Member Finishes Boston Marathon

May 07, 2014

When Wellsource Wellness Consultant Shawn Meyers finished the Arizona Rock n' Roll Marathon with a time that qualified her for the Boston Marathon, she was thrilled.

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Creating a More Health-Conscious Work Environment for Employees

May 06, 2014
The average working American spends a large part of his or her waking hours at work every week. While health and fitness choices are typically thought of as personal decisions, employers can go a long way in promoting more health-conscious habits
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5 Ways to Reduce Stress

April 30, 2014

Most people experience stress periodically. Rush-hour traffic, work deadlines, difficult relationships, and financial matters can be stressful. Even good things like getting married, starting a new job, or getting ready to go on vacation can...

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Put Your Money on Healthy Living

April 18, 2014

Employees who are fixated on building a major nest egg for retirement by investing in their 401K deserve some kudos for thinking about the future. But too many working adults who contemplate their retirement years dreaming of extended vacations,...

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The Wellsource HRA: Improving Lives for 35 Years

April 02, 2014

At Wellsource, we are passionate about wellness. We've been helping organizations promote health, prevent disease, increase productivity, and enhance quality of life for 35 years. So it isn't surprising that after all these years, Wellsource®...

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Common Pre-HRA Frequently Asked Questions

March 19, 2014

When it's time to complete the health risk assessment (HRA), many wellness program administrators field a lot of questions from participants. And it can be a challenge to dispel the roadblocks and reasons individuals do not want to, or cannot,...

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Follow a Calorie-Controlled Eating Plan

March 11, 2014
If you need to lose weight, your diet may be one of the reasons you weigh more than you should. To lose weight, you’ve got to burn more calories than you consume. Taking a closer look at your diet is a good place to start. It’s good to say,...
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Rescue Your Resolutions

February 19, 2014
The road to failure is paved with good intentions. If your resolve to stick to your New Year's goals is slowly slipping away, don't give up. Check out this infographic for 10 Ways to Rescue Your Resolutions.
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Tips for Creating a Culture of Health in Your Organization

February 15, 2014

With so much data available showing the benefits of healthy employees, why would any organization not want to encourage better health for its workforce? After all, healthier employees are more productive, miss less work due to illness, cost...

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To D or Not to D

February 14, 2014
Ah, that IS the question. Ever since the first supplements were introduced in the early 1940s, Americans have been taking vitamins and minerals to improve their health. The Office of Dietary Supplements (a division of the National...
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